WireX Systems Network Detection and Response Platform

Turbocharge Your Incident Response

Gain instant visibility and understanding of your security incidents

WireX Systems Incident Response Platform automates analysis efforts so that security professionals at all skill levels; security managers, SOC operators, analysts and incident responders…

How Can You Accelerate Security Investigations?

Learn how to make everyone on the team an expert analyst

Security Investigation Framework

Complete network visibility and powerful tools to
revolutionize the investigation process

When a malicious activity is detected, WireX System IR Platform retrieves related alert details from your SIEM solution and enables a deep and effective investigation across all sensors. All the data is correlated to the investigated ticket and using a set of out of the box views that show every activity that was performed (including access to files, servers, encrypted traffic, lateral movement and more) even an entry level operator is able to get clear and comprehensive data required for the investigation process. WireX Systems IR Platform then enriches this already collected data using external tools such as sandbox, IP and host reputation and other threat intelligence feeds all the while managing and documenting the entire investigation process. The built in investigation management capabilities enable knowledge sharing across team members and empowers tier 1 and tier 2 operators to execute workflows as experienced data analysts.


Built-in integration with leading SIEM solutions to orchestrate security alert handling and response procedures

WireX Central Management
  • Intuitive query language
  • Single pane of glass to supports multi-site investigations
  • At-a-glance summary dashboards
  • Case management system, becomes playbook for collaboration
  • Central repository of evidence tied to ongoing investigations
Threat Intelligence

Direct integration with the world’s top cyber threat intelligence and data enrichment tools to streamline security investigation processes

Data Center
Corporate LAN
WireX Systems network Sensors
  • Built to deliver true sustainable visibility into 100 Gbps networks
  • Advanced filtering capabilities to analyze and/or capture traffic selectively

WireX’s groundbreaking analysis technology
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  • Scalable capacity to store many months of complete intelligence
  • High-performance database, optimized for large deployments

Maximize the ROI of Your Security Operations

The benefits of using WireX IR Platform

Make Security Investigations Easy

Removes skill set barriers and complexities so that security professionals at all levels can handle more complex investigations, resulting in escalating fewer tickets

Rapid Deployment

Flexible deployment options with a solution that can easily scale to fit the needs of the largest organizations

Superior Storage Retention

Dramatically increases retention periods up to an estimated 25X efficiency gain over traditional forensics solutions, with even greater context and visibility

Improve Incident Resolution Time

Empower SOC and IR teams with efficient tools and workflows to resolve incidents quickly and effectively. Knowledge is built and shared across team members

Fully Utilize Your Existing Investment

Instant understanding of security alerts triggered by your SIEM, NGFW, threat prevention and breach detection systems

Greater Visibility

Clear and immediate access into network data, application contents and user activity, including addition of analysis plug-ins for custom applications

Learn more about WireX paradigm shift to Incident Response

How advanced Network Detection and Response helps you detect faster and respond more Efficiently to security threats