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Forged in battle, now an enterprise game changer

WireX Systems is a network security company that has shifted the paradigm in security investigations. The company was founded in 2010 to deliver cutting-edge security systems for intelligence agencies across the globe. Today, leading enterprises choose WireX Systems as a key component in their security infrastructure to accelerate incident response, mitigate data theft and simplify responding to the magnitude of security alerts they must action every day.

WireX Systems’ mission is to deliver the best incident response capabilities so that each member of the security team will be able to respond to threats in matter of minutes. The company is headed by seasoned security experts and enterprise IT veterans from IDF/8200, Nice Systems, HP and Check Point Software Technologies, The company is financially-backed by Magma Venture Partners, Vertex Venture Capital, Entrée Ventures, Mickey Boodaei, Rakesh Loonkar and Idan Plotnik.

Our Vision

Empower each member of the security team with a framework that enables him to respond like an experienced data analyst

As cyber security threats are continuously increasing in load and sophistication, today’s security investigations systems require a high-level of expertise, extensive training and dedicated analysts to operate them. A new approach is needed to empower your security team and boost your existing capabilities without extending your resources.

We believe that there is a better, simpler way of understanding enterprise networks; a way which reduces the cost and complexity of security operations. We do it by focusing on the people behind the process, providing them with intelligence that is human-readable and introducing workflows that are driven by automation. This way, even entry-level personnel can ask powerful questions and focus on the investigation itself, rather than spending precious time connecting the bits and bytes.

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