Contextual Capture™

New paradigm shift in collecting, processing
and exploring data for Incident Response

Automate Data Analysis Efforts

Forget raw packets. Gain instant access to user behaviors
and application contents

With today’s growing infrastructures, relying on full packet capture slows you down and limits investigations context to few days of recorded data. Rather than simply capturing raw packets, WireX’s Contextual Capture™ continuously translates these packets into comprehensive, human-readable intelligence that can be immediately understood. Security teams can easily focus on clear and relevant data during day-to-day investigations without wasting precious time on tedious, manual examination of network sessions. 

Introducing a Breakthrough in Security Investigation

Continuously translate packets
into human-readable intelligence

Traditional Approaches

WireX Contextual Capture™

Unrecognized packets and sessions

Manual examination of network packets & sessions

Few days of recorded data (+100TB to store a single day of a 10GbE link)

Limited visibility into the application itself

Human-readable intelligence

Fast and Intuitive search across user activities & application contents

Up to 25X the history of full packets, by applying compression techniques on post-analysis data

Customizable analysis modules to provide visibility into proprietary business applications

Introducing a Breakthrough in Network Forensics

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