From Suspicion to Facts in Minutes

Unleash the Power of Your SOC to Handle More Threats in Significantly Less Time

Transforming to an Intelligence Driven SOC

Our paradigm shift overcomes storage limitations and skill set barriers

Are your security investigations taking more than a few days? The struggle with a lack of context, ineffective tools and even the skills to properly investigate are at the heart of the problem. Once a potential incident has been identified, WireX quickly provides you the necessary intelligence to take action – out of the overwhelming raw data.

Automate analysis efforts with WireX’s Contextual Capture™ technology

Contextual Capture™ provides the world’s largest organizations the technology foundation to collect and analyze network data for security investigations. Using the WireX NFP platform you can breakthrough the limitations of full packet capture and boost productivity of your security investigation team.

Turbocharge Your Forensics and Incident Response

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The WireX Network Forensics Platform eliminates the heavy lifting of data analysis and automates investigation procedures so that security professionals at all levels can understand and resolve incidents quickly and effectively


Accelerate Incident Response

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The WireX Advantage

Delivers Complete Visibility

Extends enterprise visibility beyond log and flow data to gain understanding into user behavior and application contents from across the network

Removes Skill-Set Barriers

Human-readable intelligence empowers the entire team to quickly validate alerts, handle more complex investigations and escalate fewer cases

Boosts Forensics History

Up to 25X longer retention periods over traditional forensics. Cost-effectively store many months of forensics data, with even greater context and visibility

Streamlines SOC and IR Processes

Integrates with existing tools and workflows and automates investigation procedures. Knowledge is built and shared across team members