Security Investigations
Made Easy

WireX’s innovative network intelligence and forensics solution is changing the way businesses investigate and resolve cyber-attacks


Top 3 Requirements to Turbocharge Your Forensics

Learn how to make everyone on the team an expert analyst

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Accelerate Incident Investigations

Cyber threats are growing fast and the pressure to identify and respond quickly is high. Struggling with insufficient security intelligence, lack of context, complex tools and even the skills to properly investigate are at the heart of the problem. To speed up security operations, you need WireX.


Supercharge Your Forensics

The WireX Network Forensics Platform removes limitations within the investigation process so that security professionals at all levels can resolve incidents more quickly and efficiently. With clear intelligence at your fingertips, you’ll be more confident in more complex investigations.


Deeper Visibility with Contextual Capture™

WireX breakthrough technology solves today’s forensics challenges by continuously translating raw packets into human readable intelligence. Contextual Capture™ provides 25X the history of full packets, while ensuring greater context and visibility into network data, application contents and user activities.

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