Contextual Capture -- Translating raw packets into comprehensive human-readable intelligence

Tired of manual examination of network sessions? With Contextual Capture from WireX Systems, your security team can focus on clear and relevant data rather than manually examining network packets. Here’s what you need to know about Contextual Capture.

Expense of full packet capture

Full packet capture is one of the solutions for security intelligence, but it also has its challenges. It works by grabbing every transaction point across a network to allow forensic investigation of a security breach. The cost of storage capacity to hold the data at every point across a network can be astronomical. This results in the need for risk determination to decide how long the data should be stored.

Plus, any security breach still needs to be identified. Most full-packet systems require the mundane task of manual forensic evaluation. The time it takes to identify breaches can lead to further infiltration damage to a network. IT departments lose time and money with these manual searches.

Contextual Capture – the best solution

WireX Systems’ solution for fast and human-readable intelligence is Contextual Capture. This platform transforms packets continuously into meaningful, easy-to-read intelligence. It removes the tedious network review sessions and captures issues in real-time.

The WireX Systems Incident response platform (IRP) has also been developed for integration into almost any existing security ecosystem. It adds a layer of protection within an existing network, increasing return on investment (ROI) from these tools. The alerts captured by the software are evaluated and their meaning translated.

Contextual Capture features include:

  1. Real-time content extraction. No more housing packet data in case it is needed. Packet contents are extracted and stored for long-term use, months instead of days with normal full packet capture.
  2. User-action classification. Related paths are correlated based on the user. The system follows the action path of the user to track any breaches.
  3. Complete user access monitoring. From login throughout the daily activities, Contextual Capture follows the actions. Every email, browsing history, database transaction, and file transfer is captured.
  4. Data compression. Post-analysis data is performed using data compression techniques that provide up to 25 times the storage capacity of full packet capture.
  5. Human-readability intelligence. Data capture is customizable across proprietary business applications to capture activities across the system.

Improve security response time

When it comes to a forensics platform, WireX Systems is a name you can trust. Every incident encountered is translated into rich context – the breach and access points are captured and presented. The days of trying to figure out whether the alert is really a breach or an innocent file are over.

The experts at WireX Systems are changing the response to breaches. Cybercriminals’ techniques and tenacity mean that any system is at risk for breaches. Incident response management must identify the path quickly to mitigate damage.

Even the smallest IT department can execute as though it’s employing a large team of experts with the Incident Response platform. The security investigation framework monitors and captures data through a forensic explorer. On top of that, its results are easily interpreted, reducing response time and decreasing costs.

Download the Contextual Capture datasheet today to learn more. The team at WireX Systems can schedule a demo and discuss how the incident response platform can improve the safety and security of your network.

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