Cisco and WireX Systems partner to improve enterprise network security

Businesses face unprecedented risks as targeted attacks and security incidents continue to rise. One of the keys to managing this risk is to build technology partnerships in which vendors work together seamlessly within a proven, reliable ecosystem for the sole benefit of the customer’s business and not indulge in finger pointing. Such ecosystems must include robust integrations that actually accelerate the detection of threats and improve the efficiency of incident response.

Cisco and WireX Systems have taken to heart the importance of partnering in a way that delivers measurable benefits to customers’ security operations. For example, the integration of WireX Systems Incident Response Platform and Cisco’s Threat Grid streamlines the incident response process dramatically reducing incident response and remediation times to minutes. The partnership delivers to customers:

  • Automatic collection and analysis of data needed for the investigation
  • Enrichment of investigation data and consolidation into a single pain of glass
  • Greater visibility of security threats
  • Actionable intelligence for threats discovered

The Cisco pxGrid allows partners such as WireX Systems to integrate and communicate in a common platform to address security threats. Customers can take full advantage of their investments in Cisco infrastructure as well as those of other leading-edge technologies that are part of the Cisco pxGrid ecosystem. WireX Systems is an Incident Response Platform that provides the security team with the ability to analyze and store actual network data, investigate incidents and provide a workflow for faster and more effective response. The company’s Contextual Capture™ technology provides immediate context into security alerts, delivering months of in-depth visibility to the security analyst’s desk. And by up-leveling skills and creating workflows for knowledge sharing, WireX Systems solution empowers the SOC to handle more threats in significantly less time.

Further to enriching investigation data for the SOC team with evidence information and malware analysis from the Cisco Threat Grid integrating with the pxGrid enables joint customer to enrich data with more information on device and users as well as enable enforcement once the threat was identified in order to block future attempts through Cisco ISE.

We offer the Cisco pxGrid and WireX Systems partnership as a model for how all ecosystems vendors should work together more intimately and seamlessly for the benefit of organizations that face ever increasing security risks. We’d love to hear from you on where you’ve seen ecosystem partner’s work together to combat the threat actors of the world.

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